The secret I've kept for so long

Excuse my grammar, I'm not English, I just find it easier to express my true self when Im using this language. 

Confusion, that's what it is. 
No this is not a "comeback". I'm still not ready to return to this place just yet. 
I'm not ready, not yet.
But I think it's about time I speak my mind. 
I am not perfect, I'm a human being and being a human means I make mistakes sometimes. 

I'm not sad.
I'm not happy.
I'm not depressed, not by a longshot. 
I'm just confused. 

Why am I keeping this? Why do I have to keep this? This secret...this crazy thing just eating me from the inside out. This horrible secret that can only be described as a representation of The devil himself. 

So it's clear, stop keeping it as a secret.
Time to say it out loud. 
Time to let everyone knows. 
What's the secret? Well, I'm not sure how to say this but...I've forgotten what it was while trying to express it 5 minutes ago.
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